Transfer Pricing Services

We have provide Transfer Pricing Services which is supprted by experienced Team as well as to settle Transfer Pricing Issue.

We are pleased to provide Transfer Pricing Services including:

  1. Transfer Pricing Review,
  2. Benchmarking Study,
  3. Transfer Pricing Documentation,  
  4. Transfer Pricing Planning, 
  5. Assistance in submitting of Advance Pricing Agreement (APA), 
  6. Transfer Pricing Defence start from tax audit, objection, appeal before Tax Court, and extra ordinary review before Supreme Court,
  7. Transfer Pricing Due Dilingence, and
  8. Transfer Pricing Training.

Business Training

We has been providing many effective trainings and attactive seminars with sylabus confimed to corporate needs. The trainings guided by experience trainers which has competency in their field as well as theorically and practically. Our training topics consists of taxation, accounting, finance, oil and gas, customs, and energy.

This course is designed to give participants understanding and a better picture as to how the PSC (Production Sharing Contract) for petroleum ( oil and gas ) industry applied in Indonesia. 4 days seminar in The Trans Lxurius Hotel Bandung, June 10-14, 2014 More Info: Candra mobile: 0821 1225 6855 or Dini email: mobile: 0831 8200 0388
This advance workshop is designed to allow the participants to adapt their recent knowledge on PSC Financial Aspect, particularly with regards to the Indonesian Government Regulation number PP 79/2010 and PMK 79/2012 respectively. 3 days course
This course is designed to give participants ( concentrate for petroleum engineers ), an understanding and better picture as to how the POD is prepared and compiled in the oil and gas industry. 3 days seminar
This course is design to introduce how Oil and Gas industries work. 4 days course

Energy Business Services

We offer integrated buisness solution for energy company including oil and gas and power industry business fields to provide necessary  information which is mandatory by the Indonesia Energy Law.

Customs and Excise Services

We provide you advisory and act as your attorney  during customs and excise dispute

We have many experts to handle customs services such as :

  1. Handling customs audit performed by Customs and Excise Office, 
  2. Handling customs dispute whether during objection to Regional Customs & Excise Office and appeal to Tax Court, 
  3. Claiming Customs Facilities
  4. Customs Diagnostic Review
  5. Customs and Excise Advisories, and
  6. Other customs services.

Tax Service

We provide tax solution for your business

We provide advice on the tax implications on the contemplated structure or agreement such as tax accruals/computation, review of tax impact on corporate actions and major transactions and tax planning. As your tax advisor, we also formulate a strategy to minimize the company’s tax cost.

These what JSC can do on Tax Ligitation areas:

  • Review the relevant supporting documents and/or reconciliations.

  • Formulate a strategy for dealing with the tax authorities and prepare the letter needed.

  • Represent the company and monitor the tax audit process, during the tax objection process and the court hearing sessions.

We can conduct a Tax Diagnostic Review to identify and evaluate risk. By doing Tax Diagnostic Review, we can provide reports and recommendations for company’s compliance with the prevailing tax laws and regulations, company’s potential exposure to tax assessments and penalties. It also improving the company’s tax administration system. Tax Diagnostic Review based on:

  • Operational Tax Reviews: Reviewing of company’s operational for tax purpose.

  • Agreement Tax Review: Reviewing agreement between client’s and third party for tax purpose.

  • Case Tax Reviews: Reviewing and studying the client’s case with supporting documents, records and reconciliations to evaluate and measure the probability of next step action of audit, objection and appeal in tax court.

JSC consultants will help you to prepare and submitt your monthly and annual tax return. Tax Compliance Service is one of speciality of JSC.

We can be your trusted liaison for claiming tax facilities such as merger at book value decree, fixed assets revaluation decree, exemption/reduction of monthly corporate/individual tax installments, special purpose tax clearance, ruling for a particular tax treatment/issue, and any other tax facilities. Our other commitments as non dispute liaison are: 

  • Assist in obtaining specific rules from the Indonesian tax authorities.

  • Process tax exemption and reduction requests for Article 22 withholding tax on imports, Article 25 monthly installments and Article 23 withholding tax and exemption from VAT on capital goods.

Tax Coaching usually called as tax training. By tax coaching, JSC team provides structured materials to enhance your tax officers understanding on taxation area. For further information about our Tax Coaching service, please contact us by phone or email. 

Accounting Services

We help you to conduct and run your bookkeeping to provide any financial information for management or other party purposes

  1. Setting up the Corporate Accounting Systems 
  2. Conducting Bookeeping Services
  3. Performing Outsourcing Services in Bookeeping
  4. Provision of accounting related software
  5. Providing any financial information for management and third party purposes